ACP is a systematic driven company based real time numbers. We support this belief with internal communication throughout all facets of the company to include the grass root people that build the product. Please review the below listed supporting systems used at ACP on a daily bases. “That which is not measured is never improved”

  • Solid modeling capability
  • Magna Flow analysis
  • CMM capability to include PC Demis with DCC cad
  • Complete Pre Planning activities that include the below.
    • Customer involvement, Pre die design activities, Engineering reviews before die production start. Customer supplied with Gant chart that is continuously update for new die status. The ability to provide any level of PPAP needed.

Production Planning

  • MRP system used “Pilot”

Quality Assurance and Systematic Control

  • Scrap X Availability X Down time  = OEE   (Goal 85%) Monitored by shift, daily
  • Quality floor audits (each shift daily)
  • “What if Program”   Employee owned system for improvement suggestions that are used with a reward incentive
  • All needed Iso 9001-2015 standard based procedures in place

Die Cast Process Control

  • Visa – Trac  Monitoring system will set alarms

Maintenance and Die Repair

  • E maintenance program used (Completely electronic)