The goal of our engineering department is to thoroughly understand our customers’ products, in order to assure that we can develop a tooling / process combination that fulfills our customers’ needs and provides for efficient product flow through our plant.

In order to reach this goal, we strive to become involved in customers projects as early in the development process as possible. With decades of die casting experience, we can assist our customers in design optimization to develop the most castable components possible.

During the Product Launch Process, we will work closely with the customer to develop the product characteristics that mean success in their markets. By developing critical characteristics during the design phase of product development we can assure that tooling design and construction focuses on providing a process that will meet the expectations of our customers.

Following the launch of a product we will continuously monitor tooling performance and condition to assure that tool life is optimized and tooling costs are minimized. Tooling maintenance and replenishment programs are developed to assure that the capability and integrity of the process is maintained.